Digital heading & rate of turn indicator
Tape repeater
Off-course alarm
Compass alarm
NMEA interface
Options: just you check!

Whenever a DIGITAL REPEATER WITH RATE OF TURN INDICATOR is called for think first of the KW991. It is ideal as the electronic alternative of the expensive inner and outer dial mechanical heading repeater. Trunnion or panel mounting.


DIGITAL WITH RATE OF TURN. Two scales of tape allows the instrument to be used for steering. 

Digital (numbers) displays can be difficult to steer by in rough seas, but the 991 has that too. Screen selection is by a tactile keypad.

TAPE DISPLAYThe instrument has a course-to steer and an off-course-alarm function to drive a 5 volt alarm or relay. A Compass Comparator alarm also available. 

The NMEA 0183 output means that you can use the 991 as a gyro converter to interface autopilots, radars and other instruments.

COMPASS COMPARATORA COURSE-RECORDER VDR version is available. The NMEA 0183 output is replaced by a plain text output to a low-cost dot matrix printer.

DC and rectified unsmoothed DC stepper, 20 to 90v. (Low voltage to order.)
360:1 synchro up to 50v/24v to 115v/90v. 50/60 400/500 Hz. + DC synchro.
90X 400 Hz "contactless transmitter."
EPROM Option: M-type resolved to 1/3 deg
NMEA input port. (Gives 2 NMEA inputs for modern systems.)


INPUT 2. In addition to those above
NMEA 0183, all heading sentences, with gyro priority.
Futaba VFD 256 x 64 pixels. 166 x 41 mm viewing area. Wide viewing angle.
Luminance typical 540 cd/m2. Variable brightness, keypad control.
Caution: It may be hard to see in open air brilliant sunlight. OK indoors.
Tape +/- 15 degrees
Tape +/- 12.5 degrees.
Digital 41 mm height
Digital 25 mm with ROT
Off Course Alarm with bar graph OR compass comparator alarm
OCA version: Step/sync priority. Auto change to NMEA.
CCA version: Manual selection of which heading input used for display and data output.
NMEA 0183 $HEHDT,xxx.x,T cr lf and $HEROT as default. Others to order.
5v level via 47 ohms, 5 mA, NMEA 0183, RS422 and RS232 compatible.
Data output whenever heading changes, plus 1 per second.
OCA version: Step/synchro heading priority; auto change to NMEA.
CCA version: Manual selection to display heading from input 1 to input 2.


3 5v CMOS ports to sink or source 5 mA.
Alarm output as default. (for OCA, CCA.) Can drive low current 5v alarm directly.
Options: Stepper 5v to drive amplifier or electronic interface
Option: Furuno data and clock.


10 to 32 volts at 12 watts. Switch on surge 2 amps.
260 x 160 x 90 diecast aluminium IP55 with trunnion mount.
Flush mount adapter plate available on request.
Not built for fitting outside. The VFD display can not stand moisture.
Colour, black texture coat.

INSTALLED ON: .... mega-tankers, ferries and navy ships, all users who want precision pilotage aids, and get it with the 991. British Navy ships, Royal Fleet Auxilliaries, Customs launches, UK & Finnish ferries. Vela megatankers. Stena, SeaRiver tankers, US Sealift Command, Shell Tankers...etc

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