SMIDS VERTICAL DISPLAY ON STENA KINGSMIDS replaces "doppler sonar docking systems" and doppler logs with a satellite based system. The ship's speed, ground referenced, is displayed with an typical accuracy of 0.03 knot.

SMIDS and GEOLOG meets the requirements for a ship's SPEED and DISTANCE instrument, as accepted by the USCG and an increasing number of countries. 

The "head-up" display (right) shows

Ship's head by gyro (or by satellite!)
Bow transverse speed
Longitudinal speed
Stern transverse speed
Bow and stern satellite status

GEOLOG: This is our name for a single-sensor installation, giving very accurate ground speed, like a single doppler log. It comes with the navigator's (horizontal) display below.

SMIDS: Ship movement information displays system. SMIDS & GEOLOG  GIVES YOU:                                                                            

COG, SOG and relative motion
Distances run
An off course alarm
Stern position,  (+/-16m 2drms)
No, it does not use differential
NMEA output for radar & ecdis
Heading and ROT ind. KW991

 The picture below shows the pilot on the bridge wing of the tanker SR NORTH SLOPE using SMIDS whilst docking at Benicia, California.

PILOT USING SMIDS for berthing in California"VERY impressive" said the pilot.

"SMIDS shows me what the ship is doing before my eyes can see it" said the Captain. (This appears to be the first thing Masters notice with SMIDS.)

"It looked as if the bow was moving to port, but SMIDS told me it was the stern moving to starboard" said I.

"Its OK" said the ship's Chief Sceptic!


No tanks or gate valves
Retrofit using existing cables
No sea trials or calibration required. Speed good enough for speed trial.
Unaffected by turbulence, propeller wash, boundary layer.
TRACK RECORD. SMIDS has been in service since March 1997.
Can not measure water speed.

TYPICAL INSTALLATIONS: Here is a typical parts list for a SMIDS fit.SMIDS MAIN UNIT

Bow and stern sensor enclosure 260 x 160 x 90mm plus antenna.
Main unit 400 x 500 x 150 electrical enclosure on bridge.
KW991 heading repeater. (Centre of wheelhouse)
KW992 SMIDS "head-up" vertical displays. Centre of wheelhouse and bridge wings
KW992 SMIDS horizontal "navigator's" display for chart table.
The display units are not suitable for permanent outside use without special precautions.

PDF Download SMIDS data sheet for SPECIFICATION.

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