IN, NMEA 0183, or Furuno, or steps
OUT, 6 steps per degree gyro transmission

KW941 stepper transmission unitThe interface converts serial heading data into traditional step transmission. Using the KW941 allows a new heading sensor such as a gyro, magnetic compass or satellite device to connect to existing bridge repeaters or existing radars and navigational aids. 

The KW941 is useful in both retrofit and new installations, and ideal with the KW940 pick off coil system, making a transmitting magnetic compass. 

KW941 C (or later models) positive common, negative steps
6 output step channels
KW941 BP Bi-polar model. +/- steps in and out
1 output step channel

NMEA 0183 or Furuno AD10 heading data may be input. The step voltage output suits the 4 popular voltages. The interface has 6 stepper output channels, contained in a bulkhead mounted electrical enclosure. 

INPUT: NMEA 0183. $HEHDT and all valid heading sentences. 
INPUT: Furuno AD10 format serial data and clock. Input is DIP switch selectable. 
OUTPUT: Stepper, 6 steps per degree. Output nominal 24v, 35v, 50v, 70v, DC 4A per line. Transformer is fitted to suit the output voltage required. (2 standard transformers) 1. 24v or 50v. 2. 35v or 70v. Also possible to fit off-the-shelf transformer. The output voltage varies with the load, it is not a regulated supply. KW941C, 6 outputs. Rotation or follow up rate 24 degrees per second. 
OUTPUT: NMEA 0183. RS232 and RS422 compatible. Sentence $HEHDT output when heading changes and once per second. 
OUTPUT: Alarm relay. Contact held open when OK. 1 Amp DIL relay. 
CONNECTORS: Lift off terminal blocks. Power is orange snap-in connector. 
POWER: Nominal 115 volts or 230 volts 50/60 Hz double fused, switched and filtered. 
ENCLOSURE: 400 x 300 x 150 duck-egg blue/green electrical enclosure with door. 
FEATURES: LEDs on all inputs and outputs. Simple design. Watchdog restart circuit.

Right click for data sheet KW941-C  DATA SHEET              Bipolar data sheet KW941 BI-POLAR DATA SHEET

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