THIS PRODUCT is made only to special order. It is being replaced by the new Portable Docking AID.

Transmit data to a laptop running an electronic chart program. Pilots want to use this so they can walk on board with their own chart system.

Transmitter connects to KW950 to transmit
heading and  GPS data
Other data please enquire
5 volt power from KW950
License-free 418 MHz module 
Approved for Europe and USA


Receiver connects to a PC serial port
Powered by the port itself
Receives data from the transmitter
Outputs RS232 0 to +5 volt data
Range 100 metres typical. May be reduced by trimming antenna


Enclosure screened dark grey ABS 25 x 50 x 100 mm 
Fitted with sleeved grommet for cable entry. 
D connector and/or cable normally dealer supply
BNC for antenna. Antenna supplied.
PC port must provide enough power. All those tested so far do so.

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